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Public Information Online Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions are between you and/or your organisation, and Dandy Booksellers Ltd (Public Information Online)

  1. Grant of Access and Usage
    After Payment of the Subscription Fee, and the agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions, Dandy Booksellers Limited grants the Customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access the online service ‘Public Information Online’ (www.publicinformationonline.com)
    The resource can only be used for Educational Purposes. This means teaching and learning, either face to face or distance learning, private study and research – the resource must not be used for Commercial purposes
  2. Copyright
    © Dandy Booksellers
    All PDF content on Public Information Online is subject to Crown or Parliamentary Copyright. In compiling the database, Dandy Booksellers Limited owns the Database Rights. The public sector information is licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0.
  3. Cookies
    Public Information Online uses cookies to remember who you are while browsing the site. If your browser is not configured to accept cookies, then we cannot remember who you are. All of the cookies currently used on PIO are necessary for the website to function correctly - they are:
    ASP.NET_SessionId - standard ASP.NET session cookie.
    CookieCheck - session cookie used to determine if the user's browser accepts cookies
    ASPXAUTH - standard ASP.NET Forms Authentication cookie. This is the only persistent cookie to allow for "remember my login
  4. Subscription Fee
    Public Information Online is a subscription website. The content of Public Information Online will only be accessible to the user after payment of the annual subscription fee. The Subscription Fee is subject to value added or similar taxes, and the Customer shall be liable for any such taxes.
    Subscription is paid annually. Once a session is paid for, Dandy Booksellers Ltd will grant access to all publications on Public Information Online which are issued in that session. Access to subsequent sessions must be paid at the annual subscription rate.
  5. Transfer Restrictions
    Access to Public Information Online is granted solely to the subscribing organisation and may not be transferred without prior written consent from Dandy Booksellers Limited. Any authorised transferee shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions. In no event may Public Information Online be transferred, rented, leased or sold.
  6. Service Commitment
    Dandy Booksellers Ltd retains the right to alter the content of Public Information Online at any time. However, Dandy Booksellers Ltd will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that Public Information Online is available to Authorised Users on a 24 hour basis (except for routine maintenance) once the Subscription Fee has been received, and that any interruption will be resolved as quickly as possible.
  7. Content
    Every reasonable effort is made to ensure our electronic content is of the highest quality. We aim to make all files fully searchable, however, due to technical restrictions this is not always possible. If you encounter any problems with our electronic documents, please e-mail: support@publicinformationonline.com
  8. Fair Use Policy
    Dandy Booksellers Ltd operates a fair use policy on Public Information Online. We reserve the right to suspend a user account when the maximum limit of downloads is breached in a 24 hour period. This is to prevent harvesting of data. Dandy Booksellers Limited reserve the right to suspend any user accounts where data harvesting is suspected.
  9. Disclaimer
    Public Information Online has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate on the stated date of publication or last modification.
    It is possible that the information may be out of date, incomplete or the opinion of the author. It is advisable that you verify any information from this website before relying on it.
    Public Information Online accepts no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information and material contained on this website or any site you may access through this site.
    All catalogues contain occasional errors. If you see an error in a record on PIO we do appreciate it if you tell us about this.
  10. General
    The Customer acknowledges having read these Terms and Conditions, understood them and by paying the Subscription Fee agrees to abide by them, unless agreed otherwise between the Customer and Dandy Booksellers Ltd.
  11. Prices
    Prices shown on Public Information Online are subject to change, for example a Lords paper from 1980 cost £2 when published, a print on demand copy could cost significantly more today. Additionally, many items on PIO are listed as Gratis when in fact they are annual subscription titles ie. ONS Financial Statistics, Monthly Digest of Statistics etc. Please contact support@publicinformationonline.com if you have any queries.

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